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Mantong Residents send Letter to Tatmadaw Commander-in-Chief

Local Ta’ang and Kachin residents, from Pankhataung and Man Kang villages, sent a letter to Min Aung Hlain the current Tatmadaw Commander-in-Chief of Burma, in Nayphyitaw on October 2nd 2013 in order to try to get back their lands which were confisca...

Burmese army order the destruction of anti-drug signboards

During a meeting held on October 1st 2013, Kyaw Zeya, Major of Infantry Battalion -130 which is based in Mantong, commanded that the Mantong Administrator Groups to get rid ofall the signboards that were erected by the Ta’ang National Liberation A...

Burmese Army cause unwarranted damage to Mantong Militia Camp

Burmese Captain Kyaw Swai Thoo Wun and Captain Kyaw Zeya from InfantryBattalion -130 and his troops occupied and then destroyed a local Militia Camp in Mantong at 10:30pm on September 29th 2013.

Commander-in-chief of Kyauk Mae Sakakha (Military Operation Command) arbitrarily arrest 3 civillians

The commander in chief of Kyauk Mae Sakakha (Military Operation Command), based temporarily in Namhsan township in Palaung Self-administered Zone, detained Ko Htun Tin, Ma Soe Lay and Ma Khin Lay from Man Lael village without reason, at around 4 pm i...

Government’s troops seize the rations and cooking utensils of the villagers

The government’s tropps – Battalions 144, 130 and 501 – looted the rice and cooking utnesils from villagers of the Hta Kyae village, Nah Aww village tract in Manton township, which is in the Palaung Self-administered Zone in the afternoon of November...

Still torture and robbing in Ta’ang areas

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In the end of August, 2012 the Burmese military troops of ILB.501 based in Kyawkmae, loot U Kun Ahsein’s pickled tea leaves(500 viss), rice (15 bags) and destroyed households in Pan Swe village, Manton Township, Northern Shan State, Burma.

The incident took place after the military troops tortured U Kun Ahsin and his son on August 15, 2012. The victims were afraid to stay at the village and fled to other places.

The reason of the incident was the military regime’s suspicion on U Kun Ahsin to be connected with ethnic armed groups because he was a former Palaung State Liberation Army. Even though, the military troops carried out random searches on U Kun Ahsin’s house 3 times during two months. They found nothing as a local resident said.

According to a former PSLA, since the beginning of 2012, Burmese military troops used to interrogate all former PSLA. Whenever the patrolling saw any kind of evidence, such as old uniforms, logos and other utensils, the military troops treated the residents with rude words and arrested the former PSLA.

As a result, most of all former PSLA, who already disarmed to the Burmese military in 2005, are fleeing from their native lands to somewhere to hide and avoid the soldiers’ persecution.

During 2012, these incidents happened frequently by the Burmese Military, who are patrolling in Ta’ang areas. They loot local people’s ancestral inheritance, steal belongings from local households and torture local residents.



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