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Mantong Residents send Letter to Tatmadaw Commander-in-Chief

Local Ta’ang and Kachin residents, from Pankhataung and Man Kang villages, sent a letter to Min Aung Hlain the current Tatmadaw Commander-in-Chief of Burma, in Nayphyitaw on October 2nd 2013 in order to try to get back their lands which were confisca...

Burmese army order the destruction of anti-drug signboards

During a meeting held on October 1st 2013, Kyaw Zeya, Major of Infantry Battalion -130 which is based in Mantong, commanded that the Mantong Administrator Groups to get rid ofall the signboards that were erected by the Ta’ang National Liberation A...

Burmese Army cause unwarranted damage to Mantong Militia Camp

Burmese Captain Kyaw Swai Thoo Wun and Captain Kyaw Zeya from InfantryBattalion -130 and his troops occupied and then destroyed a local Militia Camp in Mantong at 10:30pm on September 29th 2013.

Commander-in-chief of Kyauk Mae Sakakha (Military Operation Command) arbitrarily arrest 3 civillians

The commander in chief of Kyauk Mae Sakakha (Military Operation Command), based temporarily in Namhsan township in Palaung Self-administered Zone, detained Ko Htun Tin, Ma Soe Lay and Ma Khin Lay from Man Lael village without reason, at around 4 pm i...

Government’s troops seize the rations and cooking utensils of the villagers

The government’s tropps – Battalions 144, 130 and 501 – looted the rice and cooking utnesils from villagers of the Hta Kyae village, Nah Aww village tract in Manton township, which is in the Palaung Self-administered Zone in the afternoon of November...

Extremely high Tax for the local people

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Tan Soe, a former Burmese military, who is an officer of forester, demanded extra taxation on forestry products from hackney drivers, car drivers and truckers at the entry gate of the Lashio - Namtu main road. Even though the taxation law has already published the exact costs, he didn’t follow the rule and he ordered an amount of five times more than before.

According to a car driver they just transported products for use in shelters and for their livelihoods. The products are thatched, Mangrove stem, Pillar, Bamboo and Charcoal which are basic needs for the residents. Those products will be used in house holding and the rest will be sold.” Than Soe, he threatened us that if we couldn’t pay the tax we would be sent to jail” said the driver. Therefore, not only the residents for their daily earning, but also the drivers and traders are in trouble.

A local villager said “we don’t have access to electricity, so we have to buy woods and charcoal to burn. We can’t afford to build a good construction by cement .We have to use our forest outputs even when we don’t want to destroy our environment. We are happy to pay tax conform the government law. But, if they are using their personal survival and luxuries without taking their responsibilities, we won’t pay tax as well”.



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